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    Baked Beans + Boiled Eggs = Easy, Cheap, Good Curry. (Delicious)

    Tired of cracking your head every time you receive a text that says : ‘’What’s for dinner?’’ Worry no more, as our own local chef’s recommend a quick, affordable juicy curry that will make you forget that meat exists…so if you are vegetarian, this is your day!

    I will start from scratch, in case you are a bad cooker… firstly you definitely need to bring your oil to heat… don’t be afraid to heat the oil to such extent that is flows quicker than water. Then add into the oil a fine course of grated onions and garlic, wait for the two to be a bit brownish – gold, then add your grated tomatoes.

    From there, sprinkle your cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper and your own desired spices… stir, stir and stir till your nose and tummy signal for…after all, a great chef knows his pots by aroma.

    By that time, you’ll think the curry is ready because of the great aroma within your house… don’t be fooled, you still need to add the secret ingredients. Open up a can of Koo’s baked beans in tomato source, and pour it in the boiling mixture… crack a few boiled eggs, cut them in halves and place them according to your own design. Add a little bit of water and close the pot.

    After a few minutes, lower your heat and fix your table and spoons… not to mention table cloths just for design because nobody is going to be doing some spilling with that curry!

    It’s always best served warm with bread…. Before you know it, you’ll be finger lickin good

    Picture Credit: Bhavya’s cuisine

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde


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