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    Ever wondered why she gets moody after the deed?

    Well I have to say, most of the guys reading this article would feel as if I’m breaking the ‘’guy code,’’ but at the end of the day… truth needs to be told. I am no Doctor or Master in this field, but I sure have had a few nasty experiences when it comes to doing the deed.

    Have you ever asked yourself why most women get moody after the deed? If yes, then I am pretty sure you have blown a few of your own horns and thought it is because you were the beast and you deserve a trophy… Sorry to say you were absolutely wrong!

    You started off with some steamy four-play, from a slow rhythm of kisses and whispering, to those grasps and gasps… but when the time comes, you only care about satisfying yourself. In the bedroom, one needs to consider their partner’s satisfaction as much as you’d love to scratch your own. The first mistake that leads to the awkward moment after sex is ignorance.

    A survey conducted by loveLife currently states that women get moody after sex because you pulled out when she was about to reach orgasm. I am not a woman, but I would poke your eye out if you did that to me. On a serious note though, no matter how much you are tired after satisfying yourself, make sure your partner is satisfied because if they aren’t, you’ll find yourself in the voicemail box.

    We have to understand that when a women is about to reach that orgasm stage, nothing in the world matters… she gets comfortable in such a manner that she feels like scratching and biting you…not to mention slap you… that’s how much she enjoys it… and by you pulling out, you are depriving her of that good feeling., and that is the reason why most of them get moody.

    So you thought women don’t ejaculate? Step on your toe… women also have the same feelings we get in bed, difference is… theirs is a bit too much… so next time you wonder why in the world is she moody, try coming back to this article and  re-read it again. Wishing you the best in your future sexual journeys… always remember, good four-play, good satisfaction and at the end, good mood.

    Picture credit: i.telegraph.co.ca

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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