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    Kanye West made peace with Wiz Khalifa after a bitter argument

    Kanye West has withdrawn on his vicious comments pointed at Wiz Khalifa after they locked horns on Twitter last night.

    It is so disturbing how most famous celebrities that we look up too, course chaos, fight against each other and throwing insulting words on social media. Our news team at E-SA are even wondering what social media pages mean to other people.

    Worst part is that most fans even support this fights and take sights. Shouldn’t these celebrities be role models, encouraging, motivating and sharing with us their talents and skills so we are also able to make it into the big world?

    Talking of celebrities with their drama, Kanye West has apologised to Wiz Khalifa for these statement, “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” and “You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me.”

    Amber got frantic and decided it was time she put West on his place, “Listen, don’t talk about my kid. That’s all I got to say. Don’t talk about my baby,” she said. “I wouldn’t have said anything if it was just between him and Wiz. That’s two grown men hashing it out. I would’ve kept it cute and just minded my business. You don’t bring in my baby. That’s so corny. That’s the second time you did it this week.”

    Kanye then decided to apologises for involving Khalifa and Rose’s son in the matter, he wrote on twitter, “God’s dream… Never speak on kids again… all love … all blessings…”

    However our news team at Entertainment SA is wondering whether the apology is from the heart or it’s because he realises the effect this has on his new album coming out on the 11th of February.

    We just wish that fans can start to realize the good and bad effect celebrities have on us, more especially on our kids who are spending most of their time on social media.

    Picture credit: dailymail.co.uk

    Entertainment SA | Celebrity and Gossip News 

    Article by: Shine Mabuza 

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