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    Polygamy vs Polyandry!!What do you have to say?

    We know we are under the aegis of democracy, where ‘’50/50’’ is highly condemned and respected… but what happens when culture and traditions contradict some of the rights presented to us by our constitution?

    Gossip had it that ‘Suffocate’ took two wives in Rhythm City.. Niki and Puleng, now, gossip has it that Karabo (Connie Ferguson) is turning the tables around with her wanting to practice Polyandry by taking a second husband. It makes sense for a lot of entertainment lovers who believe it is only fair for women to go poly, after all, what you do on the left hand side, must also be done on the right hand side. But as for traditionalist, people who still embrace their roots, that is totally absurd and ridiculous.. like Karabo’s uncle on the dramatic soapie.

    Just a little foreshadowing on the soapie;

    On Wednesday 03 February 2016, Karabo rushes to be with Amo when things get too much for her. Zola’s had enough and wants out of the relationship. The Radebe brothers give Getty some much – needed food for thought.

    Dear gossip lovers, maybe it is because polyandry is still new to many of us, but it is highly unfair for women to be judged on practices adopted by men also. Anyways, E-SA cannot be the judge of this match, we would love to know what you have to shed on this topic. Do you think polygamy is wrong? Or do you think it’s only fair?

    Picture credit: mytvnews.co.za   

    Entertainment SA | Celebrity and Gossip News

    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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