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    Slikour about to bounce back!!!

    One thing we all certain of is…death… we know it is there, even great Kingsmen/women have to fall… but one thing we aint sure of is life-after death…well, that is about to change because Slikour is on the verge of coming back from the graveyard.

    The former Skwatta Kamp member has always been outspoken about the state of hip-hop, and even started a website dedicated to the craft.

    So it is only fair to say that he is one, if not the, authority on local hip-hop. But did you know that he actually made SA hip-hop?

    "I didn't get into hip-hop, I made hip-hop," he says. "I was with the team that made hip-hop," Slikour was quoted telling DJ Capital on CliffCentral this week.

    Branding himself as "the future", Slikour says he hasn't turned his back on recording new material, and instead has an album worth of material waiting to drop.

    "I'm always writing… I got some guys that I like what they do musically so I might just drop a four-five track EP online," he said. 

    Slikour says the motive behind his work is to not be forgotten.

    "No one wants to be seen as a 'used to'. I've created my own place in this space. I would rather have that because I am alive than always been seen as -and with all due respect – I don't want to be seen like HHP where people see them for the great things they have done. We were helping HHP at that time and I'm still helping people today," he says

    Looks like the entertainment industry is about to get back to its old tricks…whoever said ''gone are the days'' should rephrase it to ''back are the days.'' This is why we need to always stay updated with E-SA, we always go ''boom shaka'' with Entertainment | Celebrity gossip and News.

    Picture credit: etv.co.za

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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