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    Chomee in depression!!!

    The quote: ‘’Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’’ defines situations where we suspect something but can’t seem to be sure enough due to lack of facts and evidence… stay puzzled a little till we explain why your #1 gossip provider chose this quote over Chomee’s issue.

     Surprisingly, it seems like Chomee is going through a very bumpy road in her career and personal life.

    Chomee took to Instagram where she opened up about the pain, anguish, sadness and impediments she is currently facing.

    It is not yet clear what the exact cause of Chomee's pain is, but it seems like it has a lot to do with her dilapidating music career.

    Chomee revealed that she was recently hospitalised, which got her thinking and cracking her skull (not literally) about the way forward.

    "At times I regret ever entering the industry I'm in. I mean performing is my passion and all. But how could something you love so much bring about so much sadness? I sat at my hospital bed last night, and realised that I have no one, no one was there because I don't have anyone close enough to tell," Chomee posted.

    The nightingale-voiced star explained that she is now considering if she should close this chapter and start writing a new one. This is definitely not the first time that Chomee revealed that she's been struggling to cope with life's challenges, heaven knows why, though some say ‘’she only wants attention.’’

    When this year started, while some of us were still trying to come back to life after a festive full of entertainment, Chomee revealed that the past few months have been the worst time of her life.

    Late last year, Chomee was supposed to perform at loveLife Orange Farm Y-Centre but that didn’t happen because insiders said ‘’she is too boring for a youth event.’’ This created a lot of curiosity about the future of the star, which is why we said ‘’where there’s smoke, there’s fire,’’ guess this explains everything.

    Anyways, E-SA wishes everybody good in their lives, nobody deserves to go through such a sad time in their lives. Tough times are just like cold seasons, they only come to pass, it is up to us to adapt, or die… with thus said, E-SA wishes her all the best… stay strong girl!

    Picture credit: papadi.co.za

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