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    Worried if hes indeed your soulmate? Heres a checklist you can use to: check!

    Getting into a long-term relationship is not easy. It comes with weird stages of ‘’bad omen/luck’’ where you fall into a disastrous trap of relationships we all want to forget about. But when we finally find the right person, after several heartbreaks, we tend to find it difficult for us to trust anyone anymore, regardless of how much we love that person. Say choo-choo to fear and lack of trust because EntertainmentSA has 5 simple steps to find out if he is serious about you.

    Before we do that, if you really want to know if the guy is serious about you, just ask! If you are too shy to do this, then better take a pen and a paper don’t forget to jot down numbers from 1 until 5.

    1. He’ll include you in his future plans:  Beware my lady, of the frequent usage of the alphabet ‘’I’’ which leads to ‘’I need to get myself this and that.’’ ‘’We’’ sounds much more better, even if the action will benefit only 1 person, embark in everything together it’s fun! If he really loves you, he’ll start including you in his day-to-day plans.
    2. He takes you to his favourite place: If he can’t show you where he hangs out on a daily basis, relax, he won’t show you out where he hangs out in future.
    3. He holds your hand in public: I was eagerly waiting for this one! Not only is he ‘’showing off,’’ he’s showing you some TLC (tender, love, and care), he shows signs of being there through thick and thin.
    4. He introduces you to his people: Only serial killers or sociopaths have issues showing people they get attached with to their people, so if he’s not one of the above mentioned, he has to show you to his mum, siblings etc. be like a wolf, mark your territory.
    5. He remembers important things about your life and asks not only about yours, but also about your beloved’s wellbeing:

    These are clear signs that he sees a future with you.

    Picture credit: chobirdokan.com    

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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