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Khanyi Mbau becomes a victim of beauty scam

When it comes South Africans, it seems no one is safe from scammers using their identities, and that is why it's always wise to keep your identity documents away from scammers who might otherwise, unwittingly get you involved you in shady dealings you have no knowledge of.

Even well known public figures have fallen victim to the practice of their names or images being used for selling products without their knowledge and permission. The latest celebrity to find herself embroiled in this messy issue, is actress and TV personality, Khanyi Mbau. Apparently, scammers on Facebook have been selling beauty products using her name and image, making it appear as if she's endorsing the product.

However Khanyi Mbau, isn't taking this lying down as she has released a video on Instagram warning her followers of the scammers who have been using her name and face on their fake beauty products.

“Please don’t fall for this; don’t send your money to anyone. It is a scam!” she said in a video on Instagram. She advised fans to be careful of these business deals as she would never sell things on social media.

Entertainment-SA would like to warn people to be very careful before buying something online. Make certain what's advertised is exactly what you will be getting. 

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