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    New buzz word in town “The Blesser.. most Woman are tal

    One afternoon in our newsroom, a group of interns were having a discussion around the hot topic of the ‘Blesser’ which has been a hot topic lately on social media. For those who don’t know about the ‘Blesser’, allow me to inform you. A ‘Blesser’ is a rich man who acts like a ’sugar daddy’ to young women and promises them a ‘better life ‘than what their parents can.

    Now these women vary as they come from different backgrounds and do this for different reasons. For example, some of these women are unemployed and therefore do this as a means of living and  some are just  school going kids who feel they can’t wait to finish school and work for their ‘needs’.

    These women even go to as far as showing off their ‘blessings’ from the ‘Blesser’ on Facebook with the #moralsmustfall.

    I found it intriguing to hear what a young woman in varsity would say regarding this topic. Hence my interest in the topic. Palesa *not her real name*,   then burst out laughing when asked by one of her peers if she considered getting a ‘Blesser’?

    I wanted to hear her response as this is a young woman who is currently studying towards an honours degree at Wits University.

    She then answered saying ‘hell no gal, I wouldn’t have worked so hard just to throw my life away like that’.  I must say I was quite relieved to hear that not all young women are enticed by such things or should I say such people.

    There is hope Mzansi, not all young women are blinded by the ‘Blesser’. Not all young women are willing to sell their bodies in exchange for a life that they can create for themselves through hard work!

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    Picture credit: Tyler Olson, fotalia.com

    Kelebogile Nondzaba


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