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    Call me Stogie T

    Nas did it, Snoop Dogg did it, Mos Def did it and P Diddy has also done it a couple of times even…  When it comes to rebranding and changing ones stage name to keep up with the times it seems that American artists are leading the charge. This might be about to change as local hip-hop rapper has announced a name change.

    From Friday rapper Tumi Molekane otherwise known as Tumi from Tumi and the Volume has decided to move with the times and change his name for a refresh and to also relaunch his brand. The rapper announced that from now on he would like to be known as Stogie T.

    Speaking to the crowd at the exclusive Arque Restaurant in Sandton, he explained his reasons for going with the name Stogie T:

    “A stogie is a cigar. It’s like another word for a cigar. And cigars have come to represent a certain elegance, and a certain growth for me."

    Apart from a name change, on the night, Tumi also released two new singles under his new moniker Stogie T, titled – Diamond Walk and big dreams – which were produced by Tweezy.

    His name change was spurred on by certain changes that he has experienced “As you grow up, things get real,” he explained. He also said that he is now committing himself to creating music that represents the realities of the world.  “In moving forward I wanted to create music that represents both the honey, and the pain.”

    We’re definitely looking forward to hearing what Stogie T has in store for us and how he plans on conquering the industry this time round.

    Picture Credit:  sabreakingnews.co.za  

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