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    Effects of being a “side-dish” to someone elses “main course.”

    I'm not quite sure if I should call it a trend, fashion, a habit, mental disease or pure blasphemy, but this thing of allowing yourself to be a "Nyatsi" as they call it should never be condemned nor should it be applauded.

    For those who do not know, a "Nyatsi" is a third partner involved in a relationship only meant for two. These days, most ladies are so fascinated by the idea of dating a man who is already in a relationship with another woman just because he might have made you believe you are better than his "main" girlfriend.

    Well, if you were any better than her, ask yourself this, why is he still with her when he finally has you? Unless if you agreed to be his partner in crime, which is still not okay because of the following effects:

    1: Risk of getting infected with STD/I or HIV/AIDS.

    If he can cheat on his girlfriend with you, he can cheat on you with another girlfriend. Having more than one partner puts you at a high risk of getting infected.

    2: You will always be second best.

    No matter how good you are under the sheets, he'll always put you second after her… so don't fool yourself by believing his deceiving lies of him having a future with you alone.

    3: It tarnishes your reputation.

    Self-earned respect is better than bestowed title, if you don't respect yourself enough to respect another person's relationship, no one will ever respect you… not even men.

    4: It will come back to haunt you.

    I know this may sound a bit too farfetched, but we all at some point are going to settle down, build a home, have kids, and probably get married… but cheaters/home wreckers never last in that kind of life… because they are always afraid that what they did to other people, will also be done unto them.

    5: It puts your life at great risk.

    We all react differently to situations, some are calm, some are wild, and some are just crazy… finding out your partner has cheated on you brings out the worst in people… We read news every day from tabloids and newspapers of people burning, castrating, stabbing, shooting and even murdering without a trace their cheating husbands and their "Nyatsi," don't be one of those victims.

    Ladies and gents, a relationship is only meant for two people, don't be a joke by showing us you do not know how count from one till two… love is no longer love if you fall for another man/woman's partner… It is greed and lust!

    Picture credit: fearlessleon.com

    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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