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    Rapper, Tumis Molekanes Twitter rant.

    It seems twitter has lately become the local celebrities favourite go to soap box to vent out their frustrations.

    The latest celebrity to do just that was rapper, Tumi Molekane who went on to the platform to vent, but the twist here is none of his venting makes any sense whatsoever.

    First off he tweeted the following:

    “I can’t blame an audience for my lack of success in SA. That’s not them. I have never coveted fame and riches, I actually love this thing…"

    Which was all well and good and then he followed by saying:

    "built this thing" we assume he was referring to local hip hop.

    And then followed by:  "I am not your peer or your fellow rapper. I am the God of this shit. If it’s about rapping I am better than you all. Does that sound weird?" 

    At this point however, a fan saw it fit to kind of stop the rapper in his tracks by calling him out for sounding like Azealia Banks who was this week barred from twitter. The rapper simply replied the fan with the following:

    “Until you hear me rap”

    Well, we don’t know what’s up with the rapper to have such a melt down. We can only wonder.

    Picture credit: mg.co.za

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