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    DJ Zinhle found herself a new bae!

    Recently, DJ Zinhle has been nothing but subject of rumour and anecdote as she had blazing rows with her baby daddy, ‘Super Mega’ AKA. But with the recent interview on Jacaranda FM, you would be surprised that she has found herself a pillar of comfort in another man’s arms.

    Yes, DJ Zinhle was caught off guard by Anele Mdoda on 947 as she was questioned about her recent tweets that sowed the seeds of suspicions in our gossip minds. In the tweet, Zinhle speaks of having a meal so good, that it makes her want to tell ‘’someone’’ about it.

    That 'someone' just happens to be a new bae in the DJ’s life.  Trying to avoid the topic, Zinhle spoke about how it was fish and salad, but Anele pushed her and asked if she wanted to tell bae.

    She quickly ducked the bullets by adding, “it’s not bae, bae.”

    Before Zinhle could change the topic completely, Anele interjected by mentioning how amazing a new relationship can be when you’re still “excited about the SMS’s”.

    Surprisingly, the guys does not do SMS’s, he does calls because according to DJ Zinhle he has "got the most amazing voice in the world," and on top of that, he doesn’t do sneakers and baggy jeans because he "wears a very expensive suit," said Zinhle when responding to Anele's question on whether he was a rapper or not.

    We can’t wait to see who this new guy is… and we can’t wait to hear his ’amazing voice,’ for now, the DJ says, ‘’it’s not like official, official.’’

    Listen to the full podcast by searching for it on the following link: https://soundcloud.com/primediabroadcasting

    Picture credit: andilemthembu.com

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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