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    Somizi opens up about his broken friendship with BFF, Bonang

    After months of silence surrounding the sudden break up from his bestie of five years, Somizi has finally opened up about what caused the rift between Bonang and himself.

    For years they were the envy of many, with a friendship that looked as solid as a rock. They hung out at the coolest places, took the best Instagram pictures, attended the best parties, travelled the world, and even had sleepovers at each others pads, however in December 2015, that all came to an end.

    On Wednesday, during an episode of his reality TV show, Living The Life With Somizi, Somizi opened up about the sudden and abrupt end of his friendship with someone he valued and loved.

    He talks about when he bumped into Bonang at the SAFTA awards after four months of having not seen or spoken to her.

    “At this stage I hadn’t seen Bonang for like four months, we’d been friends for over five years and in my head, we were BFFs.”

    "And then one morning I wake up and she’s not talking to me and I then hear from people that she unfollowed me on Twitter and on Instagram, hawu.”

    “The last time I had spoken to this person she was in Mauritius the night before telling me how much she misses me and then the next thing dololo.”

    Somizi, who never knew what the issue was, tried connecting with Bonang to find out what was wrong, by calling her and she said she’d return his call, as she’s still busy with a shoot, which she never did.

    “All I hear is that she thinks or she was told that I told Zinhle about her relationship with AKA… but why? Why would I do that to her?

    "I want the three of them, Zinhle, AKA and Bonang, to sit down and tell me who said that I said what. I’m too old for this sh***.”

    Somizi who seemed to genuinely miss his former BFF still doesn’t understand to this day, what exactly happened but has also accepted that people come into your life and leave for a reason.

    We think that was some honest talk from Somizi, it never hurts to admit missing someone, but it’s also important to go on with your own life if that person doesn’t seem to be interested in being in your life.

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