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    A change of scenery for you, can be emotionally disturbing for your child.

    As a parent, you might feel that a change of scenery can do you good, especially after going through a tough phase. But did you know that sometimes ‘’good’’ for you, can turn into bad for your child?

    Recent research at the Boston College has revealed that more frequent location changes could lead to stress and disruption for children, taking a serious toll on their health.

    This recent study has compared children who moved frequently to those who didn't or moved less frequently, thus exposing the cumulative effects these changes have on children.

    A professor of Psychology who led the study at the college, Rebekah Levine Coley, said: "Moves during both early and middle childhood were associated with decreases in children's social skills and increases in emotional and behaviour problems, and these effects lasted for years.

    "In contrast, moves during middle childhood and early adolescence – after children had started school – had shorter-term effects on children's reading and maths skills, and those effects diminished over time."

    As parents, we should pay attention to every little detail on our children… sometimes the things that we think do not matter or concern them, are actually the ones that really do.

    Picture credit: parenting.com

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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