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    Ciaras son calls stepdad Russell Wilson Daddy.

    It seems what could be Future’s worst nightmare has come to pass, this as his son, Future Jr. with Ciara, calls her new step dad, papa. As you may well know, Future and Ciara were together for some time and have a two year old boy together. But as things go, the couple didn’t work out and they both went their separate ways.

    Ciara has since moved and just last week got married to her new man, footballer Russel Wilson. It seems that Russel has not only captured Ciara’s heart but he has captured that of her two year old as well.

    Just recently a touching video was posted by Ciara on Facebook of the two year old Future Jr. being brought into the room where Russel is prepping for a Kids Choice Awards ceremony and the little boy can be seen embracing and calling his step father ‘papa’.

    Oops, from where we’re standing things aren’t looking too good for Future, first he loses his girlfriend, to another dude and it just happens that they’re now married and now he might lose his young son to another man.

    Things are already strained between Ciara and her baby daddy, and we think this turn of events will make the situation even more dire, we’re wondering what could happen next. 

    Picture credit: wiks.bbgi.curationdesk.com

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    Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde

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