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    ‘’My girlfriend has a bad breath and smelly armpits, I love her but I can’t handle it, help!’’

    Hello Uncle T, I am a 28-year-old man who has a problem with my girlfriend’s bad breath and smelly armpits. I run a small internet café that is doing quite well and I stay at my parent’s backroom in Dobsonville, Soweto. Since my girlfriend does not have the privilege of having sweet parents who will allow her to bring over a man in their yard, she frequently comes over to my room and spends a day or two there.

    I love her company and the way she cooks and cleans for me, but I have to admit; her breath and armpits are a stinking nightmare! We have been together for two years now and I haven’t had the courage to tell her about the problem, not to mention get used to it. Whenever she’s around, we cuddle and kiss a lot and whenever that happens, the stench from her breath and armpits gets too much for me that I end up getting moody after the deed.

    I really love my girlfriend, but this problem of hers is really getting to me because I can’t give her halls or breath fresheners every time she comes to me, she’ll suspect something and I don’t want to lose her. So I am writing to you Uncle T to please advise me on what to do without having to tell her that she’s got a bad breath and smelly armpits, please help! Anonymous—Soweto.

    Hello Anonymous and thank you for sending in your letter to Uncle T’s mailbox. Let’s start with finding the problem before I give out any solutions. I am no medical expert but I know that bad breath is caused by sulphur-emitting substances in the mouth, which trigger the odor. Gum disease is the most common causes of chronic bad breathe. The key to treating that is to lead the way and buy baking soda for you and you girlfriend.

    Baking soda will neutralize the acidity which causes bad breathe in her mouth, if that doesn’t help, consult the nearest dentist for more tips.

    As for her armpit odor, I once read an article that states that bacteria causes body odor that no deodorant can disguise. The solution I found in that article was that one should replace them with underarm bacteria from a less smelly person (you in this case) for a month or two at least. Another solution is for you guys to always emphasize on shaving pubic hair frequently because that also can contribute to body odour. If the above fails, buy her a product named Earths Purities Detox – A – Pit, it will help improve her health and keep her armpits in optimal condition.

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