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    Skolopad crushes on Euphonik, says she wants to help him get over Bonang.

    If it is true what they about Euphonik not being over Bonang, then he better prepare to move on quickly because Skolopad is ready to have him in her arms.

    While the rest of us were trying to figure out if we should fall on #TeamBonang or #TeamEuphonik they both had a clash on Twitter‚ Skolopad decided to use that as an opportunity to declare her crush for Euphonik whom she says is her “type“.

    The entertainer told TshisaLIVE that she wantS to “help” Euphonik get over his “obsession” with Bonang. She added she has always had a crush on Euphonik and saw there may be an opportunity to “connect“.

    “Euphonik is a beautiful man. He looks like he’s the wild type too. I like that‚ I like him. I wouldn’t even mind sharing him with his main woman. Have you seen his muscles? I mean‚ I think I can also help him get over Bonang. The woman has moved on. Clearly he hasn’t‚ but I can help him‚” she said.

    Skolopad also said that she would be “forever grateful” if someone could give the DJ her digits. She said she felt that people were too judgmental towards Euphonik and that if she lived in Joburg‚ she would “follow” the DJ across every event.

    “I am not even kidding. If I lived in Joburg I would never miss a [DJ] set from him. I wouldn’t even go for the music‚ just for him‚” she told TshisaLIVE.

    *rolling eyes*, not many men can say they were once approached by a woman, that is why we think Euphonik is one of the luckiest men out there..

    Picture credit: The Citizen

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