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Muvhango’s actress Maumela Mahuwa aka ‘’Vho-Susan’’ releases a song!

Muvhango actress, Maumela Mahuwa, who plays Vho-Susan on the popular soapie is so good at her role, one would think that’s her real life! However, the real-life Susan is more than just a Chief’s first-wife, she is in fact, a musician and she has a very powerful new single titled African Thing to show for it.

According to a statement released by Maumela, the song is a defiant and inspirational message for anyone who has ever been made to feel ashamed about their dark skin tone.

Muvhango’s actress Maumela Mahuwa aka ‘’Vho-Susan’’ releases a song!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

“For the longest time, being dark was always shunned upon. Everyone who is dark and grew up in townships or villages has a very disturbing story to tell. If it were not matured adults passing nasty remarks, then it would be mean school kids calling one sort of ugly names just because they are dark. Being dark was seen as if it was a curse or some sort of a punishment to the parent judging from how dark-skinned people were treated in our communities. This sometimes caused others to seek something they can use to lighten the skin tone to a much accepted lighter tone. The chemicals used sometimes had major damaging after effects which often remain visible for a long time.” – Read the statement

Muvhango’s actress Maumela Mahuwa aka ‘’Vho-Susan’’ releases a song!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

In recent years the actress has shared that she’s been publicly humiliated and called ugly because of her dark skin.

“You can’t really control what people say, but you can choose to embrace and celebrate who you are and Maumela Mahuwa chose to celebrate they only way she knows how – through music,” added the statement.

Picture credit: ZAlebs

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