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    ‘’18 months later and I am finally ready to tackle life with real gusto’’ – Letshego Zulu

    Letshego Zulu has had a tough time dealing with the death of her husband, Gugu Zulu. Despite this, she has approached her healing with diligence.

    Letshego recently returned from a “journey of self-discovery” in the Bahamas and is ready for what lies ahead of her.

    “18 months ago I wanted to run away, as far away as possible, to a place where no one knows me. Every time I tried, I found it impossible and I couldn’t understand why, because in my books it’s as simple as choosing a destination & setting the plans in motion. It’s now apparent that I had to stay home all along, feel the love and care from family, friends & strangers alike.”

    Letshego added that while she was on holiday she had meaningful conversations with special people that are safely tucked away in her heart.

    And, now that she’s back home Letshego is ready to tackle life.

    “18 months later and I am finally ready to tackle life with real gusto. What was I doing the past year & a half? Floating. Getting by. Surviving.

    2018 and beyond, I’m ready.”

    Picture credit: Ann7

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