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    ‘’My boyfriend wears dirty underwear, how do I tell him to wash them without hurting his feelings? Help!’’

    Hello Uncle T, I am a 26-year-old woman living in Johannesburg and I am dating this 28-year-old boyfriend who won’t wash his underwear, not even when he knows I am coming to see him. I can tolerate his untidy room, but the underwear part is just too much for me to handle.

    I have many times seen dirty underwear on some men but I didn’t think the man I am beginning to fall in love with could be a culprit. I want to tell him to learn to wear clean underwear each time he changes clothes but I don’t know the best way to do it without hurting his feelings or sounding rude and vindictive, please help! — Anonymous JHB


    Hello there,

    It is true that most men out there hardly pay attention to small details like changing an underwear, or regularly washing their shower towels. I am not sure if this is an adopted habit, or we are simply all just like that, but one thing’s for sure, ladies won’t tolerate it.

    Most men measure the cleanliness of their underwear by the smell of it, and not by the colour of it. And I think your boyfriend is one of those men, but do not worry, Uncle T has a solution for your worry.

    It’s not true that there is a man who prefers dirty clothes to clean ones. He is only being lazy at washing, so are many of us (men).

    For a start buy him a dozen of underwear/boxers as a friendly gift. It costs around R50 at Mr Price or Jet stores. When you visit, try to wash them (if you don’t mind), hang them to dry and iron them. If he doesn’t get ashamed, he will pick a leaf and love you more. After all he is your man; it’s your duty to pull him into the right direction and nobody else.

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