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    Oh yes, he did: AKA throws shade at everyone from Cassper Nyovest to Riky Rick on his new track!

    Self-proclaimed local rap Champion AKA  released a new single this week that is filled with enough shade to cover us during these heated days.

    The track, titled Star Signs, features lyrical genius Stogie T and is already making fans on social media to say in unison ‘oh, no, he didn’t’ about the disses aimed at Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick and others.


    Both rapper’s took the opportunity to address their rivals and concerns about the industry.

    Here are just three “victims” of the shots the pair took on the song:

    Local rappers who want to be American.

    Rappers continue to defend the trend of putting on an American twang by claiming that it is just the way they speak and pronounce things. But AKA is clearly not impressed and in his song called them out.

    “Mega you old school now, but how you still so relevant in an era where n**gas sound so American. No pride in their own heritage, whole vibe so negative, ain’t nobody going to remember them.”

    He also took shots at local musicians who “copied” him by getting gold mouthpieces.

    The reaction from fans on Twitter have primarily been hilarious!

    Stogie T then steps in to join AKA with his schooling of his hip-hop peers.  The rapper rips Cassper Nyovest to shreds in the song. He spits about how he “can’t get Mufasa’d by Antelope”, in reference to Cassper hailing himself as Mufasa.

    Cassper and Stogie T were recently caught in a war of words after Stogie claimed to have helped Cassper and others launch their careers. Cassper responded on the SA Hip-Hop Awards stage by declaring: “Tumi ain’t done sh*t for me, bro”.


    Beyond these venomous lyrics, Stogie then shifted the aim at Riky Rick, referencing Riky’s love for Gucci in the line criticizing the rapper’s talent.

    “How ironic, so much Gucci but no material in music,” Tumi rapped.

    Well folks, we all have to agree that AKA and Stogie really went all out on this one… does this mean Riky and Cassper will collab for a comeback?

    Picture credit: Rehab Musik

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