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    AKA breaks it to haters that he doesn’t depend on gigs to survive

    AKA’s tweets about how the entertainment industry may be doomed by the pandemic left many thinking the lack of gigs was putting major strain on his finances well, news flash: the rapper doesn’t depend on gigs to survive

    Kairo’s dad recently told his followers on social media that he’s on “his last million” and that he’s genuinely worried about his finances as an artist. Then, after his tweet about the government’s “lack of intervention” to save the music industry, some tweeps were sure the rapper was on his last cents and they said as much on his TL.

    “I feel sorry for the artists who depend on gigs to put a plate on the table,” one tweep replied to AKA’s tweet.

    “The same AKA was once asking people if they were enjoying their king pie while he eats his lobster lunch … now look,” said another.

    “I don’t feel sorry for them. They spend money on useless, expensive things. They don’t invest. They must sell all their Gucci things,” added another.

    All on eyes on me hitmaker was not going to let people go on with the assumption that his situation is dire.

    “Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t depend on gigs to survive. I made my lamb stew with a nice pinotage this evening. Now look at you,” AKA said.

    The rapper said his followers needed to realise that some of the things he spoke about were not necessarily for him or about him. Some of his tweets, AKA said, were to raise awareness for the “less fortunate” or “less outspoken” peers.

    “Just because I’m comfortable doesn’t mean I shouldn’t fight for others,” he said.

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