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    Moshe Ndiki releases a statement to address the domestic abuse allegations

    Moshe Ndiki has released a statement to address the Domestic violence allegations between him and his husband Phelo Bala.

    According to a report by Sunday Sun, Phelo was hit so badly by his bae he had a bleeding gash on the head that he had to obtain an interim court order.

    In a statement, the tv personality and actor Moshe revealed that he cannot comment on the matter but he also said that all of this is not true and he is going to prove this fact.

    “These are matters of a private nature and I have been advised that because there pending court procedures, I should not comment. The most I am prepared to state at present is that I have in no way abused Phelo and am prepared to follow the legal processes to prove this fact.”- said Moshe.

    Phelo in his June 11 court papers stated that he was beaten with a candle stand at home and went to Olivedale Hospital to get stitches. In his defence, Moshe recently told Sunday Times that he and his hubby are fine. “I’m with him right now. If you write lies about me, you will get to know who you’re dealing with” – he said.

    The gospel musician doesn’t seem to be agreeing with that statement though. Phelo revealed in a thread on Twitter that Moshe lied to the publications and that he does not want any PR spin on things. “The first lie was that “we are together when you got the call from the paper”. The second is that I am “your Phelo”. I can’t afford a PR spin so I’ll leave it with this: The fact that the truth is complex is not an excuse to resort to comfortable lies. Lies can disguise themselves as truth but eventually, the truth comes to light.”


    Things are not looking good.

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