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Friday, May 24, 2024

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    Thuso Mbedu drags productions that fire Covid-19 positive actors

    Actress Thuso Mbedu has voiced her disgust at the alleged ill treatment actors have been subjected to as they attempt to adjust to working under the new Covid-19 normal.

    Mbedu commented on a thread in which veteran actress Florence Masebe described some of the circumstances actors — who are desperate for work during these hard times — have found themselves in.

    Without mentioning names, the pair’s conversation lifted the lid on everything from violation of privacy where Covid-19 results were concerned, to people losing their jobs just for testing positive for the virus.

    “There’s also that production that my niece works on that’s already scheduled her to shoot even though she’s currently in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19. I won’t even go into how they shared her results with the entire cast on a WhatsApp group without her consent,” Florence said.

    Thuso’s tweet provided another shocker that left many reeling.

    “Then there’s an actor who tested positive and the production decided to write him out of the story so they can continue. Kubi. It’s not fair,” Thuso said.

    Tweeps were appalled by the scenarios and many expressed their frustration at the state of the acting industry.

    Read the full thread below.

    Main Image: TooFab.Com

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