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    “Is it clout Candice?” Modiselle defends Bontle and Priddy Ugly’s relationship

    TV personality and actress, Candice Modiselle has defended her sister, TV personality Bontle, and rapper Priddy Ugly, from what she said was unwarranted disrespect.

    This comes after social media users dragged the couple over the weekend after a video of Bontle unlocking Priddy Ugly’s phone with her fingerprint went viral.

    Several users responded to the video, claiming that Bontle had access because “she’s the breadwinner” in the relationship and that it would all “end in tears” and while some joined the trolls, others defended the couple and said it was “disgusting” how they were disrespected.

    Candice was not about to sit back and watch the troll party continue on her watch, and she came came to the pair’s defence with some sharp words.

    “Why do people feel so comfortable to say half of the things they say on this app? Is it clout? Are they projecting? Is it crack? Knowing they won’t have to account? ‘It’s just Twitter’ logic? How has blatant disrespect become such a norm here? I genuinely don’t get it,” she wrote.

    She then addressed the matter head-on, saying her sister and brother-in-law were disrespected “for sh*ts and giggles”.

    “Honestly. The most unwarranted disrespect, for sh*ts & giggles. I admire how unmoved they are by the noise. Two people harmlessly going about their lives, married, in love, collectively securing bags and raising the most gorgeous little girl. I’ll forever stan, 11 years and counting,” she Tweeted.

    She then posted a series of snaps of the pair saying: “In this home, we celebrate & protect young healthy black love.”

    Responding to her sister’s Tweets, Bontle wrote “Could it be the equivalent to liquid courage? Would they be able to stand by the same things they say, alone, without the backing of the noise makers, in the face of those they address them to on here, to their face? With the same confidence & lack reasoning or care? Oh well ??‍♀️”

    Main Image; icekream

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