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    “It has nothing to do with you!”: Mihlali Ndamase claps back at claims she is promoting being a loose woman

    Content creator, YouTube and social media sensation Mihlali Ndamase was fuming after a man responded to one of her videos to label her a “b***h” for dating casually.

    This comes after the star spoke about dating in the latest video on her YouTube channel where Mihlali was joined by her friend and fellow make-up artist, Tebogo ‘Tebby’ Leburu. The duo was answering questions that were asked by Mihlali’s followers.

    One of the questions was if Mihlali had dated more than one person at the same time. Mihlali said that when she is single, she dates multiple men. “If I am single, I go out for dinners, it doesn’t have to be like having sex with them”, she said. The video has positive reactions with Mihali’s subscribers loving the content.

    However, things took a left turn when she was accused of ‘promoting being a loose woman.’ Mihlali, who is notorious for keeping it real even when it lands her on the Twitter trends list, was infuriated when an unnamed man jumped onto the comments section to hurl the insult at her and implied that she’s a “s**t”.

    In a string of Instagram Stories, the star slammed the claim and took aim at men.

    “I need to address this because it is actually really pissing me off. Some stupid boy came into my mentions this morning commenting on my video saying that I am promoting bofebe (whoring) in South Africa. Firstly what I said in the video is that as a single woman, which I currently am and have been, I am open to casual dating. I even explained this”, she said.

    “If you don’t agree with my views then you don’t have to f***en watch my content, first and foremost. Secondly, what you not gonna do is come into my mentions and call me ‘s**t’. That statement had nothing to do with sexual relations number one and even if I was ‘s**t’ what the f**k does it have to do with you?” a fuming Mihlali asked.

    The star said that going on casual dates had nothing to do with sexual relations. Mihlali then addressed all men with a spicy clap back.

    “Men need to stop thinking that they have an opinion on women’s bodies and what women do and their decisions. It has nothing to do with you, you are not going to come and police my behaviour and my decisions and choices in 2020, this is not your mother’s house”, she said.


    Main Image: YoMzansi

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