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    “Enough twitter”- Did NaakMusiq just threaten to beat up Prince Kaybee during their twar?

    NaakMusiq and Prince Kaybee have taken their beefing to a whole other level as NaakMusiq has threatened to beat up Prince Kaybee during their recent twar.

    This time around, Prince Kaybee started it. This comes after the DJ and music producer took a dig at NaakMusiq when he responded to a tweet about BMW’s latest SUV.

    In the video, the latest BMW X5 is struggling to make it up an off-road hill. A known fan of Mercedes Benz, Kaybee said of the SUV: “BMW engineering is k*k like k*kmusiq”. Kaybee’s play on words did not go unnoticed. DJ Tira was the first to see it and asked the award-winning DJ to delete the tweet.


    NaakMusiq saw the tweet moments later and so rang the ringside bell for round two of this duos twar.

    With his unexpected come back at Kaybee, NaakMusiq suggested that Kaybee’s shade was strange considering he asked him to be on a song twice. “This coming from a guy who CAME TO ME and told me how much it would mean to him for me to be on his songs. TWICE also you’ve been avoiding that race we once spoke about. Lastly, I don’t know what you want to trend this time, but my boy, I will straight up f**k you up. Enough twitter”, he tweeted.


    The former “Isidingo” star also went on to say that he was sick of Kaybee. “I’m seriously sick of this…I’m honestly going to stuff you up…Uphaphiswa zezi awards for songs that were produced by other people and this new money of yours… I’ll kick your ass dawg.”

    Not one to shy away, Kaybee also clapped back at NaakMusiq. “You don’t want to do this, but since you started ur career before me, but you have achieved less it was fitting at that time. 2ndly (secondly) you wouldn’t dare race me, my cars are modified, yours are still stock. Lastly when you see me do what you need to do”, he said.



    Well, you better get your gloves ready because the match might start any time soon.


    Main Image: Elegance 7

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