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    Rami Chuene says a big mistake was made about homosexuality in the Bible

    Veteran actress Rami Chuene has taken time to be part of the conversation about the Bible and homosexuality after the first episode of Phat Joe’s show “Cheeky Palate” ignited a public commotion.

    The main reason why the episode caused an outcry on social media is because of the homophobic comments that were made by the guest, Gerry Elsdon.

    The introductory episode of “Cheeky Palate” show on 1Magic focused on spirituality, and Phat Joe decided to kick things off by discussing homosexuality, which also provoked a backlash since there wasn’t a single member from the LGBTQI+ community present.

    When Gerry Elsdon’s turn came to share her thoughts about homosexuality and spirituality, she said: “It is in the Bible. The word of God is very specific … The bottom line is the word of God is very clear that homosexuality is a sin.”

    The international Humanitarian, Activist’s comment was slammed by members from the LGBTQI+ community who called her out for using religion to make homophobic statements. That is when the “Isono” actress also weighed in, sharing her thoughts on Twitter: “Homosexuality has always been the easy target because it is the only natural thing classified as unnatural, labelled as a behaviour in the Bible. And that’s the first mistake. A big mistake.”

    Responding to her statement, one Twitter user tried to imply that being gay or queer is influenced by the media. They also asked why there were more gay people now than in the past. Rami Chuene responded by asking: “Do you have a problem with having “many gay people today”? to which the user responded by expressing that they believe that they believe that they don’t believe homosexuality is natural. “So basically, it actually disrupts nature, all people who choose to be gay choose to defy the rules of nature … A man has sex with a woman so that a child can be born.”



    Rami closed the argument, saying: “You’re basically proving my tweet. Back in the day I’d fight you, but I came to understand that I can’t change a man stuck in his ways. I keep it moving.”

    In an apparent response to the outcry, Elsdon posted a picture on Instagram of herself wearing a clerical collar, captioning it: “Lord I stand on and by your Word. And I stand on your promises




    Main Image: Jozi Wire

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