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    Opinion: Charges against Sjava thrown out, and so was his career!

    There are men who’ve gone to jail for being falsely accused of rape. What should happen to women who falsely accuse them?

    This question has been rotating on social media since news of Sjava being acquitted of the charges laid against him by former lover Lady Zamar.

    Sjava was facing a sexual assault charge after Lady Zamar opened a case of rape that allegedly happened at a hotel in Thohoyondou, Limpopo, in 2017 after a concert.

    Now, sexual assault and rape are serious crimes, and the effect on women suffering them is often great. These crimes are condemned by our society, and penalties are severe.

    Which is why when Sjava was accused of this heinous crime, no event organizer wanted to associate themselves with him, not even production houses like Uzalo!.

    Fact remains, Sjava was judged and convicted by the public before he was even found guilty of the charge. His career, including his notable achievements like being the first South African rapper to bring home a BET – all went down the drain, sigh!

    Opinion: Charges against Sjava thrown out, and so was his career!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    The argument that we should “believe women,” or, variously, “believe victims,” offers sympathy for women who have suffered sexual assault, and, presumably, takes the view that any accusation by a woman must be true. Yet we know that most everyone lies, some time or other: children lie to their parents about school, drugs, and sex; adolescents lie about their sexual prowess; applicants for jobs lie about their credentials; salesmen lie about their products; politicians lie about their future accomplishments; and so on. So, to assume that what a woman says is true, flies in the face of what we know about human beings and their truthfulness. Furthermore, to designate someone making an accusation “a victim” is prejudging what has yet to be proven.

    If Lady Zamar does not re-appeal this decision, then it is only fair for us to say she deserves to face the music as well.


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