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    How to fit your big sofa in a small space

    When moving into a new home, especially when downsizing, we all want to take our prized furniture items with us. A big sofa invites you to stretch out and relax, but do you have the space for one?

    If you always assumed that your home simply couldn’t accommodate a comfy corner design or a long three-seater, think again. Sometimes redesigning the space will yield a possible location for a super-comfy couch. Other times it’s just a question of finding a design that delivers on comfort but sits lightly in the space. These stylish rooms offer smart tricks and inspiration for fitting the sofa of your choice into the space available.

    Bringing the comforts of ‘home’ into your new home can help create a sense of belonging. But what if your new space is smaller? Or has completely different proportions? Can you use your larger furniture in a smaller space without feeling like you’re crammed into a doll’s house?

    Get the scale, proportion and size right, and everything sings in glorious harmony. Get it wrong, and everything screeches at you. You have a few options when downscaling, if you don’t want your space to look crowned and cramped. Consider selling your existing furniture and getting more size-appropriate pieces.

    Alternatively, only use some of the pieces you have (the ones that work best with the new space). And lastly, you could reupholster or paint pieces of furniture to be as close as possible to the colour they are placed in front of – this will create the illusion of space.


    Main Image: Furniturespot

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