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Here’s what your horoscope has in store for you this November…

Get ready for a cosmic dose of transformation, expansion, and growth, our beautiful digital darlings! Scorpio season is in full swing and the month of November will be one of change and personal empowerment. The month begins with a cleansing New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, removing what no longer feels right in order to make space for an abundant and confident fresh start. While you may feel emotionally heavy, this release will ultimately lead to positive growth.


23 October–21 November

This is your moment, Scorpio! The days are getting shorter, birthday season is in full swing and you’re in step-it-up transformation mode. Who do you want to be right now? Where do you want to go? Do you need to wave goodbye to something (or someone) in order to move forwards? The brightest of new beginnings awaits you on the 4 November new moon, which falls in your sign urging you to prioritise your own happiness as 2021 plays out. Your secretive soul isn’t the biggest fan of ‘we need to talk’ moments but there may be one headed your way this month. The 19 November full moon eclipse falls in your relationships zone bringing all the big revelations to the table.

If you’ve been surviving instead of thriving or struggling with a tricky power imbalance (at work, with friends, in love) now might be the perfect time to switch things up. The truth might hurt, Scorpio, but it can also set you free. And right now, freedom might be what you need most. As Sagittarius season begins on 22 November you’re being urged to know your worth like never before. A project you put your heart and soul into is about to pay off big time. Expect life-changing good news but more hard work to go with it and don’t expect life to hit go-slow mode any time soon.

FEELING EXTRA?: Create your own new moon ritual with candles and intention setting.



22 November–20 December

From the outside it might look like you’re slowing down, chilling out and reining in your inner adventurer but really you’re powering up for The Big One. And you know it, too! Scorpio season is bringing all the healing/closure vibes to the Sagittarius table but there’s one hell of a rebirth on the cards. You know your thirst for knowledge can be counterproductive at times (#overload) but as you focus in on the one thing that matters to you most this month you’ll understand it happened this way for a reason.

Use the power of the 4 November new moon to start afresh with your attitude, approach or work/life balance and you’ll be ready to fly by birthday season. There’s a potent full moon partial eclipse to get through first though! It beams into your health conscious sixth house on 19 November urging you to step up your wellbeing game ASAP. There’s a knuckle down vibe heading your way too, Sag! You’ve found your focus at last – it’s time to make that big dream a reality. By the time Sagittarius season rolls around on 22 December you’ll be all systems go. You don’t have to be all things to all people! You don’t have to know it all! Share your truest passion with those who are willing to listen and recognition will follow. It might have taken all year to get here but you’ve arrived, Sag! And this version of you is well worth celebrating.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Download a meditation app for on the go calm.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Keep it real. .


21 December–18 January

Turn up the charm and bring your A-game, Capricorn! Someone you meet this month could have the power to transform your life forever. Pay attention! Listen carefully! Think big! If you allow November’s breezy social vibe to open your mind to new ideas, new connections and new ways of thinking you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what happens next. You’ve played it safe for way too long, sea goat – it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Attune to the new moon on 4 November and commit to making your secret dream a reality. It might be a slow burner but the first step is the most important one. If that dream involves you as the centre of attention for a change you might get a taster of things to come around the 19 November full moon which beams into your fun, fame and frivolity focussed fifth house.

Your time is coming, Capricorn. Can you feel it? Sagittarius season (from 22 November) brings some much-needed R&R your way but don’t expect to finish Netflix anytime soon. You’re being urged to seek closure on something that’s been holding you back for way too long. Do what you’ve got to do, Capricorn. Life might feel like it’s in go slow mode at the end of November but it’s all part of an exciting bigger picture. You’re actually powering up, not down.

Treat yourself: Sink into the sofa with Katherine May’s magical and seasonally appropriate memoir Wintering.

FEELING EXTRA?: Slip a spot of forest bathing into your winter routine.



19 January–17 February

Changes you’ve made to your work–life set-up throughout 2021 are starting to pay off behind the scenes and you’ll soon have what you need to take a dream to the next level. Ready to reveal your passion project to the world? Thinking about going for a promotion? Desperate for recognition? It’s all happening as Scorpio season homes in on your success zone this month. The 4 November new moon urges you to set an intention that counts when it comes to your future, too. You’re closer than you think, Aquarius.

It’s not all career goals and high fives this month though! The 19 November full moon eclipse could shed some serious light on a troublesome family or home life issue. You may have known for a while now that things can’t carry on as they are. Even if the time isn’t right for a make of break decision it could pay to consider your options this month. Your time is too precious to squander on someone who doesn’t seem to want to change. If that all sounds too overwhelming for words, Sagittarius season could provide the ideal distraction. Your social eleventh house leads the charge from 22 November urging you to get out there, shake things up and do what makes you happy. As the zodiac’s forward-thinking rebel you’ve always sought to live life on your own terms and your independent spirit is stronger than ever now. Believe in yourself and the future you dream of. It’s coming for you.

Treat yourself: Make some candle magic with this dreamy spiral set by Hay at Liberty.

FEELING EXTRA?: Invest in a tarot deck and pull a card daily.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Trust the vibes.


18 February–19 March

If you’re reading this on sun lounger somewhere hot, Scorpio season may have already worked its magic on you! And if you’re wondering how you’ll ever manage to bag a one-way ticket to paradise, fear not – this month is all about adventure for you with or without the jet lag. Seek out new horizons in books, online courses or in the recesses of your own imagination – not difficult for dreamy Pisceans – and you’ll find what you’re looking for this November. Most importantly, try not to get swept along with the same old crowd. It’s change you need most now, Pisces – and a big one at that!

Use the power of the 4 November new moon to set a goal that feels like an exciting fresh start. You’ve learnt a lot over the last few years but there’s plenty more to come. By the 19 November full moon eclipse you’ll have a much clearer idea of where you’re headed with a project that matters a great deal to you. You’ve got something important to share with the world, Pisces – and the time really is now. When Sagittarius season arrives on 22 November you’ll be ready to knuckle down to a new role, project or challenge that has the potential to change everything for you. The good times have arrived, Pisces! And life is only going to get better from now on.

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20 March–18 April

If something major went down for you around Halloween, you might want to brace yourself for more where that came from this month. Life might feel in flux right now but that’s because you’re going through one hell of a personal transformation. Yep, it’s all change in Aries world and it’s change for the better too. Thankfully Scorpio season has got your back urging you to home in on what matters most, shed some old skin and emerge anew. The 4 November new moon could be the fresh start you need to showcase the most magical version of yourself yet to the world.

Ditch the doubters, shun the haters and know that you’ve got this, Aries. You’re definitely the main character in this movie and by the 19 November full moon eclipse you’ll be feeling stronger than ever. There could be a big financial revelation headed your way this month that changes the way you think or feel about someone close to you. Try not to take it too personally, Aries. You’ve come a long way in 2021 and your best year yet is just around the corner. Focus on yourself, your goals and your plans for the future and you’ll soon see things slotting into place. Sagittarius season urges you to put adventure to the top of your to do list so if you can find a way to escape the pressures of modern life before the year is out go for it. Your downtime is your dream-time, Aries. You need it more than you think!

Treat yourself: Allow this magical tarot deck by Wild Unknown to guide the rest of your year.

FEELING EXTRA?: Schedule in some spiritual downtime every week this month.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Slay in your lane.


19 April–19 May

Ready to meet your perfect match in life, love or business? There’s a meeting of minds on the cards for Taurus this month as Scorpio season gathers pace. Think brand new BFFs, passion project team ups and heart eyes meeting across crowded rooms. It’s power couple time, Taurus! And if you’re ready to start afresh when it comes to the partnerships that matter most to you, the 4 November new moon has got your back. It’s time to forget the past and focus on the here and now because that’s where your future is really beginning to take shape. Your career might have taken centre stage this year – and if it hasn’t yet, there’s still time – but a change for the better in your personal life is on the cards too.

Not sure what we’re going on about? The 19 November full moon partial eclipse falls in your sign shedding serious light on what your next steps should be. Ditch the limiting beliefs, Taurus – you’re starting a new chapter and the time is now. Sagittarius season (from 22 November) could well see you loved up and lost between the sheets with someone truly spectacular. It could also see you totally absorbed in an exciting new project. Either way (or both ways!), the end of this month is looking seriously intense. Focus in, make some magic and allow yourself to adore and be adored. You’re worth it.

Treat yourself: Add some magic to your winter hibernation with this calming Hermit oil by Sage & Seer.

FEELING EXTRA?: Take a ritual bath on the full moon in your sign.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: See the light.


20 May–20 June

Feeling fired up and ready for action? The people around you might be starting to slow down as the nights draw in but it looks like 2021’s got one final push in it as far as you’re concerned. Go for it, Gemini! Your health-conscious and hard-working sixth house is in Scorpio-season focus right now bringing all the get-up-and-go vibes to the table. Hit the gym! Up your health game! Finish the project you started! It’s all happening this November. And if you need an extra boost to get the show on the road, the 4 November new moon is the perfect time to set intentions for the weeks to come. You haven’t had the easiest year but you’re set to end it on a high.

That doesn’t mean working yourself into the ground though, Gemini! The 19 November full moon eclipse falls in your healing twelfth house urging you to take some time out to reassess what you want and where you’re going. Something that’s been holding you back for way too long – self sabotage, self doubt, the ex sliding into your DMs – has got to go this time. Partnerships of all kinds fall into focus for you from 22 November when Sagittarius season homes in on your relationship zone. Friendships, business connections and Tinder swipes are all looking lit later this month. Don’t stop now, Gemini – you’re just getting started.

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FEELING EXTRA?: Stash a rose quartz tumblestone in your bag (or bra!) to up the self-love factor.



21 June–21 July

Magic awaits you this November, Cancer. Scorpio season homes in on your fun times fifth house urging you to do more of what you love as 2021 draws to a close. And please ignore the voice telling you there’s no way you have time for this! Your To Do list isn’t going anywhere but this particular spark of genius really can’t wait. Pick up a pen, a paintbrush or a power tool – whatever it takes to set your inner creative free. The 4 November new moon invites you to rethink your approach to downtime because that’s where the magic happens for you this month.

That big dream isn’t just a fantasy, Cancer. Allow yourself the time to explore it and you’ll soon see it’s much, much more. Dig out a few party looks at the start of the month because the 19 November full moon eclipse is taking you out on the town. Say ‘Yes’ to the dress, the new idea or the big flashy invitation and you might just make a life-changing new connection. Sagittarius season ushers in an important recovery period from the 22 November. If you’re ready to get back on track with a health or wellbeing goal the stars are truly aligned. The same goes for any work or passion projects you’ve pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Christmas might be just around the corner but if you’ve got something you need to get done before you hit the Quality Street, there’s no time like right now. Go for it, Cancer!

Treat yourself: Add Jessica Dore’s Tarot for Change to your winter To Be Read pile.

FEELING EXTRA?: Book yourself onto a retreat day (on or offline) to offset incoming festive stress.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Create the things you wish existed.


22 July–21 August

Home is where the heart is for Leo this month! Think interior upgrades, pre-Christmas rental moves and getting to grips with tricky family dynamics once and for all. Feel like running for the hills after reading that last one? Don’t! Remember that the family you choose is just as important as the one you were born into. So gather the friend fam, put your needs first and allow yourself to dream up a truly magical future. Big changes take time but the first small step counts more than you realise.

If you need to set wheels in motion to switch up your living situation, the 4 November new moon brings all the fresh start vibes your way. There could even be the beginnings of a career change on the cards for you this month, or a least an improvement in your work/life balance. The 19 November full moon illuminates issues in your success zone urging you believe in your own power once more. Perhaps it’s even time to strike out on your own? Whatever is going on for you now, you’ve got this, Leo! By Sagittarius season (from 22 November) you’ll be more than ready for a break and that life-and-soul Leo party spirit is overdue an outing. Buy the outfit! Tame the mane! And make like the jungle queen you are! If there’s an invitation with your name on it, the answer should be ‘Yes’. Good times await!

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FEELING EXTRA?: Up your spiritual skincare game with a rose quartz facial roller.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Listen to your intuition.


22 August–21 September

As Scorpio season fires up your communication zone you could find yourself called to stand tall, speak up or step out of your comfort zone. Something you’ve been dreaming into reality is coming good for you right now and the time for playing small is officially over. You’ve got an important message to share with the world, Virgo – a project, a passion, a story – and the world is ready. Not sure you’re ready? You may be about to find out that you are. The 4 November new moon should bring the boost you need to take a first bold step into the spotlight. And the 19 November full moon eclipse invites you to think bigger than ever about where that step might eventually take you. Think passion, adventure and shiny new horizons. It’s time to make it happen, Virgo!

By Sagittarius season (from 22 November) you’ll be feeling happier and more sure of yourself than you have all year. You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve achieved and it’s time to cut yourself some slack. Get your home life in order as November plays out and you’ll build the foundations you need to take something special to the next level early next year. The more you believe, the more you’ll receive as 2021 plays out, Virgo. And think easy flow rather than hard graft because you actually can have it all.

Treat yourself: Banish bad vibes with this Psychic Protection Mist by Findhorn Flower Essences at Yoga Matters.

FEELING EXTRA?: Invest in your health with a massage, yoga class or meditation course.



22 September–22 October

Changes you’ve embraced in the last few months might have sent your life off in an unexpected new direction but it’s all about to come good. Perhaps more free time has enabled you to kick-start a side hustle? Perhaps you’ve reignited a long forgotten passion? Or perhaps you’ve finally learnt to put yourself first? Whatever is happening for you right now, the start of this month is all about knowing your worth and, hopefully, reaping the rewards of a job well done. You’re happiest when everyone else around you is happy, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your own dreams. Use the power of the 4 November new moon to set an intention that puts you centre stage for once. And get that hot autumn/winter look ready for your close up.

You might also want to clear your diary ahead of the 19 November full moon eclipse because it’s looking like a big one for you. Think intense emotions, big reveals and quite possibly a thrilling second chance with something or someone special. Is it time you laid an old version of you to rest? A transformation awaits, Libra, and the more you embrace the change the better it will become. By 22 November you’ll be feeling stronger than ever and brave enough to have a conversation that feels long overdue. If the air needs clearing with a friend, colleague or long-lost lover, now is the time. You’re moving forwards at quite a pace now, Libra – there’s no space for lingering bad vibes as 2021 plays out.

Treat yourself: Scent your way to zen with this Perfect Peace candle by Neom Organics.

FEELING EXTRA?: Choose a lucky talisman to carry with you all month.

MANTRA FOR THE MONTH: Embrace change.

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