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    Gucci is selling an Xbox Series X

    Since the Xbox Series X launched a year and two days ago, it’s been impossible to get your hands on one—a situation that’s not likely to abate any time soon, thanks to an ongoing confluence of factors. For some well-heeled gamers, however, there’s soon to be another avenue. Italian luxury fashion house Gucci will soon sell a small crop customized Xbox Series X consoles (plus accoutrements) for $10,000.

    That price tag includes more than just an Xbox Series X, which typically sells for $499 (well, when stock is available). For one, it’s somewhat snazzier than the typical matte black offering. Gucci’s features a laser-engraved pattern that, to quote from the marketing copy, is “an evolution of the original Gucci Rhombi design from the ‘30s [in which] the GG pattern becomes a wordplay—not only representing Guccio Gucci’s initials but also the gaming phrase ‘Good Game.’”

    It also comes with two Xbox controllers, both in retail-edition matte black save for a patented Gucci stripe down the left grip. (Every new Xbox comes with one controller. And you can design your own controller at Microsoft’s proprietary store for $70 via the Xbox Design Lab. You can even engrave statements, like “Eat the Rich” or “Joe Biden Forgive Student Loan Debt Challenge,” for a small fee.)

    You also get bundled-in access to Xbox Game Pass, but it’s unclear at this juncture how long the sub lasts. I’ll bet you a month that it’s just a three-month card. (A monthly subscription costs $10, or $15 if you want the premium tier.)

    Gucci is selling an Xbox Series X, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    Gucci will sell 100 consoles at some of its highest-profile brick-and-mortar stores—including the Wooster Street outpost in Manhattan, the sumptuous Gucci Circolo in Milan, and the Shibuya location in Tokyo—on Wednesday, November 17.

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