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Famous people who removed their ribs for slim waist

Fashion for the wasp waist began in the eighteenth century, bringing with him a tight corsets in which women could barely breathe, but looked stunning. Today inhuman corsets in the past, their task perfectly cope plastic surgeons. During surgery, the patient removed a couple of ribs, whereby the figure becomes similar to an hourglass. We have selected the stars who got rid of “extra” edges for the sake of a wasp waist.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Scar - How Did Marilyn Monroe Get Her Scar? | Marie Claire  (US) |

One of the first celebrities who decided to remove the lower ribs, was Marilyn Monroe. The star was obese, wore a tight corset, but in the end had the surgery and became the owner of the thinnest waist in Hollywood.


Cher Stars in Ugg Spring 2022 Campaign: Photos, Details – WWD

Last year, cher celebrated the 70th anniversary. The singer admitted that plastic for her became a kind of drug and she just can not get rid of dependence in his or her life, the star made more than a hundred plastic surgeries! Back in the mid 80s, the singer removed the lower ribs and became the owner of the wasp waist that cher today emphasizes corset dresses and suits.

Dita von Teese

Different Constructions of Female Beauty list

Dita von Teese — the owner of the thinnest waist (42 cm in circumference). The Queen of Burlesque is no secret that the way to a wasp waist was through the office of a plastic surgeon, where the beauty has removed a couple of the lower ribs. To maintain the shape of the Dita help constant wearing of the corset, exercises on a press, proper nutrition and a monthly detox.

Demi Moore

Rib Removal Surgery to Get a Cartoon Waist?! - YouTube

Saying that demi Moore has spent for plastic about 200 thousand dollars. The actress has a boob job, changed the shape of the nose, made a facelift, liposuction of the knees and hips… And before the filming of the movie “Striptease” star has removed the lower ribs to the waist seemed thinner, and the thigh, on the contrary, lush.

Raquel Welch

Which famous ladies have removed their rib(s) to achieve an hourglass  figure? - Quora

The sex symbol of the 70s, Raquel Welch today rarely appears in public, but its output continues to be the reason for the enthusiastic discussions of its luxurious figure. Say that wasp waist actress — the merit of a skilled plastic surgeon who removed the squeegee a couple of the lower ribs.

Amanda Lepore

Here's what 'the most expensive body on Earth' looks like

In my life Amanda Lepore suffered an immense amount of plastic surgery is the first visit to the surgeon of the star was only 15 years old (though in those years, Amanda was a boy). Remove ribs star decided right after I became a woman. Today Amanda boasts not only a wasp waist and a magnificent bust, but “the most expensive body on Earth”.

Janet Jackson

Dlisted | Janet Jackson's Waist Is Disappearing

Main Image: Youtube

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