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    The 5 most common beauty myths

    Are acids good or bad for skin?- No one can give you a straight answer for this. Punchy peels and high strength acids can offer great results, but not all everyone’s skin can tolerate them. Generally exfoliating acids like AHAs and BHAs work their magic by dissolving the glue that holds dead skin cells together, revealing the shiny new skin beneath. In low doses, they should be suitable for most skin types. However if your skin is sensitive, the uncomfortable inflammation intense acids can cause far outweighs any potential benefits. For best results, start by using a low dose just a couple of times a week, building up both the usage and percentage as your skin adjusts.

    Can you get rid of pores?- Of course we know pores play an important role in skin function, so can’t be removed. On your face, they’re little hair follicles with a sebaceous gland underneath.These glands are responsible for producing oil, without which skin would be uncomfortably dry. You definitely can’t erase your pores completely,  but you can stop them becoming stretched or oversized.

    Does plucking one grey hair mean more come back?- If only the beauty myth that plucking grey hairs causes more to grow back were true. It really would be a great way to get thicker hair…..right?. its actaully the opposite, as ‘pulling out hairs repeatedly can damage the follicle, creating areas of hair loss.’we assume the rumour most likely came about as when you see one grey hair pull it out, you then start searching for others. Usually, there will be more lurking about in the area, and when you find them you’re convinced that plucking made it worse…..just a thought.

    Can you get rid of age spots?- There’s not very much you can buy without a prescription that will significantly reduce the dark age spots  on your face. Most dermatologists recommend Vitamin C products as these can be helpful. Generally age spots are areas of pigmentation that occur primarily because of sun exposure, not  necessarily age. It is very common that even young people can develop these if they have had significant sun exposure.

    Does cutting hair make it grow faster?- A hair will most definitely not make your hair grow faster, but it will help to improve and maintain the quality and density of your ends. ‘The rate at which hair grows, and the length to which it will grow, is genetically determined. In most instances hair grows at least by 0.5 inches a month, with a growth (anagen) phase that lasts between 3-7 years. There is nothing you can do to speed this up.’

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