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    Lewis Hamilton wants SA to be the next destination for Formula One race

    Now that F1 has settled its expansion in those territories, especially the United States, its next destination might be South Africa! Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, has advocated that South Africa should be the next destination for the F1 race.

    Africa is the only continent missing from the F1 schedule for 2022.

    The last time Formula One came to the region was in 1993 for a race at Johannesburg’s Kyalami circuit.

    Hamilton raised the significance of having South Africa as one of the destinations for the formula 1 race at a recent press briefing.

    This was when he was asked about the possibility of racing in Las Vegas, which was greeted positively by several of the drivers.

    “It’s amazing that we have bridged a relationship that we have now three races on one continent,” said Hamilton.

    “I think that’s going to be awesome, I think it’ll be good for the business, I think Vegas will be an awesome addition.”

    “But the one I really, really want to see is South Africa. That’s the one I want to hear next that gets announced.”

    “We’re pretty much on every other continent, so why not?” Hamilton said. “And ultimately, my ancestors are from there so that’s why it is important for me personally.”

    Main Image: Beyond The Flag

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