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Before the riches: Elon Musk ‘paid rent by turning house into a nightclub’

Billionaire Elon Musk may have bought Twitter with a whopping $44 billion, which equates to R690 billion, but he once could not afford rent. Musk matriculated in Pretoria but moved to Canada where he studied at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

While being a university student, the billionaire and his classmate rented out a 10-bedroom frat house and turned it into a nightclub. The Tesla CEO shared this on Twitter on Tuesday 3 May.

It all began when a Tweep, who goes by the handle @daelmor, sparked a conversation about success and kids growing up with money. She said that “if” Musk succeeded in life because he came from a “well-off”, why does other “rich kids” never get a job and always “waste away.”

“If being born to a well-off family is why @ElonMusk succeeded extravagantly in life then explain to me why all these rich kids go to art school, never get a job, and waste away,” she tweeted.

Musk responded to the tweet saying that kids with more money are less motivated.

“Yeah, kids starting with lots of money usually have much less motivation than those who have nothing. When we started our first company (Zip2) in 95, I had over $100k (R1.5 million) of student debt, a computer I built myself and a few thousand dollars,” tweeted @elonmusk.

The conversation continued. Another Tweep who goes by the handle @PPathole, said that Musk and his brother his brother Kimbal had no place to stay when they started their company Zip2. The Tweep added that the duo showered at YMCA and turned their house into a nightclub to afford rent.

“And here people spread lies about you already belonging to a wealthy family & that your dad owned an emerald mine. While starting Zip2 you guys didn’t have a place to stay & had to shower at YMCA. Also while in college didn’t you guys turn ur room in a nightclub to afford rent?,” tweeted @PPathole.

Musk agreed, sharing that they charged $5 (R77.6).

ain Image: The Real Deal

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