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Mohale and Somizi were not legally married!

No lobola, no marriage certificate, nothing tangible except a few episodes of a reality TV show that proves that Mohale and Somizi were once married.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale hogged headlines with their two-legged marriage beamed on Showmax. At first, cheating allegations were implicated in the equation. However, barely a year after their marriage turned south.

In the mix of things, Somizi recently dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Mohale was bad in bed, which took a knock on their affair.

However, in the mix of things, Somizi called it quit when Mohale dropped daring allegations against him of abuse. In leaked voice notes, Mohale has it that Somizi abused him on several occasions at some point; he had broken ribs and was once threatened with a kitchen knife. In the wake of all these daring allegations, the two rubbished them.

Somizi and Mohale: Image source @Instagram
Somizi and Mohale: Image source @Instagram

Somizi saw himself being cancelled and losing everything he had worked for almost two decades. Since then, the two have been throwing shades at each other as their legal battle is before the courts. It seems as if the Mohale heist has hit a dead end. According to customary marriage, Mohale should be entitled to half of Somizi’s estate, but it seems as if that’s not the case.

No lobola no marriage certificate, Mohale fails to prove marriage before the courts

Fresh evidence shows that the two didn’t sign any papers on their marriage. Confirmed reports have that there were no marriage papers signed during their televised wedding. No lobola was paid in the mix of things to make matters worse.

Confirmed reports have it that Mohale now has difficult times in proving his marriage with Somizi in the courts. After all, their marriage has since been dupped as content for Somizi reality shows.

Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Source(Instagram/Somhale)
Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Source(Instagram/Somhale)

It has since been confirmed that the two never registered their marriage with the department of home affairs. Somizi dropped the bombshell during his reality television show, Living the Dream with Somizi, his highly publicised wedding had not been registered.

“I knew with the marriage there would be challenges, naturally, but there are challenges where you can see that this is going to hell. So when they told us that the pastor did not bring the certificates, I was like, look at God!”

Sources close to Mohale have since confirmed the non-existent marriage certificate has caused a delay in their divorce proceedings. The Mohale family disapproved of their marriage and turned down lobola money to worsen matters.

“Their lawyers are in negotiations because there is a large estate at stake here. The biggest issue is that the marriage is not registered. Naturally, it would fall under customary law, but that is something Mohale is struggling with because he does not have a letter proving that lobola was paid for him.”

Main Image: Briefly.co.za

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