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Mihlali Ndamase allegedly pregnant with Leeroy’s baby!

Following up on news that Vlogger and beauty influencer, Mihlali Ndamase is allegedly dating South African financial specialist, Leeroy Sidambe, we have now learned from a close source that she is pregnant!

Leeroy Sidambe had reportedly left his wife of many years (Mary Jane Sidambe) and started frolicking with the YouTuber.

Mihlali Ndamase had added fuel to the fire of claims that she’s actually faring the businessman by following him on Instagram. In fact, at the time of writing, they were both following each other on the platform.

While the beauty influencer’s IG account is public, Leeroy’s is private. Still, it’s easy to find out they’re following each other.

Mihlali Ndamase allegedly pregnant with Leeroy’s baby!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
Mihlali Ndamase allegedly pregnant with Leeroy’s baby!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

Details of her alleged relationship with Leeroy Sidambe were said to have been indirectly exposed by no other than her male best friend Bobby Blanco, who had liked a post a blogger shared showing Mihlali talking about her (unnamed) boyfriend who wanted to take her to his mother’s Thanksgiving.

According to a close family friend who refuses to be named, Mihlali is pregnant with Leeroy’s baby and this has led the businessman to leave his wife.

”Mary Jane was not happy when she found out about the affair, but now she is losing it even more after finding out that Mihlali is pregnant with Leeroy’s child. Mary and Leeroy had a heated argument about this, but Leeroy seems to be in love with Mihlali.”

The source further claims that Mary was part of the smear campaign on Twitter against Mihlali, but since Mihlali chose not to entertain it, it remains nothing but just a smear campaign.

”Mary wanted to destroy Mihlali’s reputation by paying off influencers to leak the story, but Mihlali chose not gto entertain them. Leeroy is ready to leave Mary because of the pregnancy.”

This is a developing story and more details shall be revealed soon.

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