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Jennifer Lopez introduces her daughter using gender neutral terms

American superstar Jennifer Lopez leaves fans in awe after using gender neutral terms to welcome her 14-year-old daughter, Emme Maribel Muñiz to the stage ahead of their duet performance.

Jennifer Lopez introduced Emme using the gender-neutral pronouns They/Them and gleefully described them as her “favorite duet partner”.

“The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I ask them to sing with me all the time, and they won’t. So, this is a very special occasion. They are very, very busy. Booked. And pricey,’ she jokingly told the crowd.

Lopez continues, “They cost me when they come out. But they’re worth every single penny because they’re my favourite duet partner of all time. So, if you will indulge me”.

Emme wore bright pink knee length shorts with a matching button-down shirt, pink socks, black ankle boots and a sports cap.

The duo performed Christina Perri’s A thousand years at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

Emme was als

@christinathesupermom Jennifer Lopez JLO surprises audience at at the Blue Diamond Gala by the Dodgers foundation. Excuse shaky camera at end I was in shock myself.#jlo #jenniferlopez #jloandemme #dodgersfoundation #bluediamondball #jlosurpriseguest #tmz #jloperformance ♬ original sound – ChristinaTheSupermom

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