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Gents, this is how we pay lobola these days!

A bouquet of roses filled with cash is a thing of the past now gents, a new Sheriff in town has set the bar higher than it was before and SA women are loving it!

A Twitter user’s post about lobola negotiations that appear to have recently taken place has Mzansi divided.

In the images shared, the bride is seen covered in notes of cash while her family celebrates the union. Her husband is seen posing for pictures.

This has left social media users divided. While some tweeps feel that there is no problem if the husband is monied, most tweeps are saying that it was not necessary and the husband was “scammed.”

It is unclear if the celebration was for lobola or Umemulo.

Lobola or Mahadi is Sesotho is livestock (usually cattle) that a prospective husband or head of his family undertakes to give to the head of a prospective wife’s family in gratitude for letting the husband marry their daughter. These celebrations are usually intimate.

Umemolo is a traditional ceremony for women. This is usually done for females at the age of 21(mainly for females who are still virgins), but it can be done at any stage of a woman’s life, it varies and depends on circumstances.

A Twitter user corrected the person who shared the post and said “it was not for lobola but like u memulo or umkhehlo as they don’t celebrate amalobolo kwa Zulu.”

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