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    ‘A small million’: Is how MaMkhize describes Andile’s ‘allowance’

    Royal AM owner Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize joked about her son Andile Mpisane’s hefty allowance on the latest episode of Living the Dream with Somizi which aired on Showmax on Wednesday 22 June


    MaMkhize made a special appearance on her friend Somizi Mhlongo’s realty show – Living the Dream with Somizi on an episode that aired on Wednesday 22 June. Somizi and MaMkhize were getting ready to head out for a night in the township of Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal. 

    Somizi revealed that the Royal AM owner was helping him with his divorce settlement and tax debt but her lawyers were expensive. So, the media personality asked for a loan and MaMkhize joked that “a small million” is her son Andile Mpisane’s “allowance.”

    “Are they not expensive?” he asks.

    “No my friend, you’re working right?” she responds.

    “My friend will pay it for me. Just pay a million,” he said.

    “Just a small million. One million? You mean Andile’s allowance?” she joked.

    “If Andile could ask you for R5 million, then tell him to give me some because your people are expensive,” he continued.

    ‘A small million’: Is how MaMkhize describes Andile’s ‘allowance’, EntertainmentSA News South Africa
    MaMkhize jokes about Andile Mpisane’s R1 million allowance. Images via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize @andilempisane10.


    Twitter users thought it was funny that Somizi was asking MaMkhize for money. Take a look…

    “Somizi should ask andile on how to ask for a million to Mamkhize,” tweeted @Sfundo_19.

    “Please I love Somizi and MaMkhize’s friendship,” tweeted @MadlalalaAndile.

    “Not Somizi n Mamkhize calling SARS, Sarafina ???,” tweeted @Lfoza.

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