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    Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo on Fame and Scandal Comeback

    Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo left Scandal! 10 years ago, leaving viewers stunned. The character she played was both loved and hated and is still one of the most memorable roles the 43-year-old actress has played in her career of nearly two decades.

    The dancer, choreographer, teacher, and actor appear back on Scandal as Erin who will shake things up for Dintle who is played by Mapaseka Koetle.

    “Seeing old faces and playing Erin again has been strangely fulfilling. I didn’t expect to ever return, to be honest, and being back feels good,” the Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo

    Apart from Scandal the actor has shot other TV shows and pursued other career ventures. “Life’s been a journey of many experiences, 10 years can be a lifetime. Ups and downs, highs and lows, some hard lessons, some beautiful ones, this is life,” says Lorcia

    “Well, in TV time we don’t do an exact take on time, so in TV time it’s been about 12 years, in real-time around I’ve been away for 10 years,” she says.

    “I’ve worked on some incredible shows, Lockdown, Still Breathing, Housekeepers, The Estate, which I’m still on now. Lots of teaching and choreographing, studying, and raising my beautiful family. I’ve been blessed to be able to study part-time and I carry huge gratitude.” She spoke.

    Lorcia entered ballroom and Latin American dance competitions when she was four years and that was when she started dancing. Lorcia says that having been in the industry for quite some time she has evolved and does not view her craft as a job and that keeps her motivated.

    “I have evolved in leaps and bounds. Growth is amazing and necessary, however hard growing may be. The way I view life is different, the way I view myself is different, and this evolution is continual that I know for sure.

    “I don’t see my craft as a job or a gig that generates an income, it does, but it’s more than that,” she adds.

    “I’m very clear on my intention to tell good, wholesome stories that impact. I prefer work that is meaningful. When I tell a story, at that moment I’d like the viewer to transcend. Art is therapy to me regardless of the medium, I like to experience that in my work.”

    Lorcia mentioned that she is not fazed by fame, “I had no intention of being ‘famous,’ I find the upkeep of it somewhat superficial and draining. I prefer my work to be the loudest voice in the room, to speak for itself, that’s just how I am,” she says.

    “Our industry however doesn’t make space for all kinds of artists; it’s as though everyone must be out there and public about everything and all-over social media. Some of us do well at this and others just don’t prefer it and that should be okay. We’re even at the point now where we get asked about our social media following at auditions. It’s quite repulsive.”

    As she returns to Scandal, in the story, Dintle had decided to let go of her new-born child due to her financial situation at the time. Erin (Lorcia) and Tino adopted the child and to treat her as their own, on the understanding that Dintle would not interfere in the process, even in the future.

    Now, Mo (the adopted baby) has decided to find her mother on her own. She then, told Dintle that she is the child whom she gave away 14 years ago.

    After that revelation, Mo goes missing, leading to Erin coming back onto the scene fuming and looking for her daughter.

    Lorcia says she has big plans for the year which she is yet to announce.

    By Palesa Bacwadi

    Main Image: Zkhiphan

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