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Have you ever wondered to yourself where or how the clothes you wear are produced or its history? Who are the people behind these household brands that are considered high fashion? The levels and hierarchy of the fashion world? Names like Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, or Gucci.

You might one day decide that you want to study fashion and gain a deeper interest to the fashion world, from how fashion was invented to where it is currently. read everything and anything about the evolution of fashion. 

Why would I study Fashion History?

Fashion refers to the styles of clothing that are currently popular – ‘currently’ being relative. It is always evolving and changing and going back. Every style and trend in fashion keeps coming back at one time or the other. So a study of the evolution of history is very important for any fashion design student To learn about people is to learn about their fashion. So if you are interested in learning about humanity, history of fashion is an important part.

Romans and Egyptians took great interest in their appearance and spend a lot of effort and currency on fashion and style. Wearing a particular type of clothing communicated status, wealth and occupation. During the 15th century, Burgundian Court of Philip the Good emerged as a centre of fashion in Europe. During the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the fashion focus shifted from Burgundy to Italy and then to France.

In the western world, fashion was important all throughout history. The Dark Ages, the medieval period, the Tudor and Stuart times, the Renaissance era, the Georgian Period, the Victorian era, Edwardian age – The important periods in the history of Britain were also critical parts in the aisles of world fashion history. Britain and other European countries influenced world fashion – colonial rule brought their dressing styles to a global audience and made them popular all around the world.

During all these times, it was the royal courts that dictated fashion. Aristocratic people dressed elaborately and stylishly. Poor could not afford to change their clothes according to the whims of fashion.

Clothes made of natural fibres mostly in neutral colours were the costumes of choice of the masses while the rich flaunted their wealth in the form of clothes and accessories. Clothes were used to separate people into groups.

The evolution of the entertainment industry and its massive growth led to people being influenced by fashion in the films and the music scene. The introduction of synthetic fibres and the availability of cheaper and practical clothes that were mass-produced changed the fashion scenario like never before.

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