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Young Controversial Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni ready to marry her third husband

The traditional healer known as, Patricia Motsoeneng, has dropped a bombshell, saying her ancestors have allowed marrying a third husband.
Motsoeneng hosts a reality show, Gogo Skhotheni on Moja Love, and revealed that her social media applications are full of direct messages from men who are courting her.

According to a local publication, the stunning woman says the television programme is all about embracing her life and journey as a young sangoma.
As a 30-year-old mother of six children, Motsoeneng is proud of practicing polyandry as she recently introduced her second husband and said there are possibilities of her getting a third and fourth.

Currently the beautiful sangoma is based in Mpumalanga but was born in Secunda, the trendy sangoma explained that criticism doesn’t bother her because she did not choose this path on her own.

“I was chosen by my ancestors at the age of 20, I did not believe in any of what I do today. I was a staunch Christian, so when I would dream of beads and rivers I would pray or report to my pastor until I realized that it was not demons, but I had a calling,” she said.

“So, I consulted my ancestors and they told me what they wanted, and I agreed. My husband did not understand at first, but we are getting there. I am ready for all the hate and backlash from Christians, they do not bother me at all.

“If anything, Christians are lost because the bible says if a person believes in something they must do it wholeheartedly. I am still a born-again Christian, I just do not judge people.”

As usual, the path to becoming a traditional healer is not always easy and the young woman is no exception, she stated that having Amathwasa is demanding.

“My journey as a traditional healer has not been an easy one and I have just given birth. To have your own group of initiates is emotionally taxing, because these people are different, from different backgrounds and some even make moves on my husband, but it is all worth it. I look at all my kids who graduated from my ndumba with so much pride,” she concluded.

Main Image: Gogo Skhotheni/Instagram

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