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Just when you thought you might be over a person then the feeling of sadness and loss creeps in again and you find yourself back in that dark place that you worked so hard to break away from, sounds familiar right? Breakups can be really challenging to get through, especially if they happen suddenly. Handling a difficult breakup takes time and patience, so don’t get frustrated with yourself for going through this process. Here are my tips for getting through a tough breakup.

Allow yourself to grieve

It’s okay to grieve the relationship in your own way. Allow yourself to feel the anger, disappointment and pain of losing someone you cared about. Give yourself time to cry and express your emotions as they come.

Focus on yourself

Being in a relationship can sometimes lead to feeling like you’re no longer in touch with yourself. Getting to know yourself again takes time, introspection, and self-care, so focus on yourself and your needs during this time. It’s a good idea to keep a journal where you can write down your feelings as they come.

Don’t isolate yourself

While you might be hurting right now and would rather be alone, this isn’t the time to isolate yourself from your loved ones. Reach out to your support system and allow them to support you. Focusing on the other relationships you have will also help you feel loved and cared for, even after you’ve lost a romantic relationship.

Avoid playing the blame game

Keep in mind that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Although there may be things that your partner has done wrong while you were together, it doesn’t help to try put all the blame on them. Rather focus on moving on with your life and working on your happiness.

Be kind to yourself

Acknowledge that you’re going through a difficult period and be kind to yourself. This means being patient with yourself, speaking positively to and about yourself and focusing on things that make you happy. You can also take up a new hobby to help you deal with the stress and pain of your breakup.

I know that a difficult breakup can hurt and it can feel like you’re taking forever to heal. However, you will get through this and you don’t have to suffer in silence. Lean on the people who care about you and treat yourself with kindness. Before you know it, you’ll feel a lot better.


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