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    Eat the chocolate, lose the weight? Very possible!

    Sounds a little bit too far-fetched because your gym instructor probably told you to stay away from it, right? That’s because chocolates are sugary and processed foods and they have never been a part of anyone’s diet regime.

    However, dark chocolate can play a significant role in keeping a person fit and healthy.

    They are rich in cocoa which is the apex content for benefiting one’s health and well-being.

    Many of us get relentless cravings for a sweet chocolate treat now and then. Consuming small amounts of dark chocolate can ward off those intense cravings that ultimately lead to overconsumption. Eating a couple of dark chocolate squares each day can help you avoid the temptation to indulge in larger amounts of other snacks that may contain higher amounts of sugar that contribute to weight gain.

    It is advised for weight loss seekers to consume dark chocolates as they have a high percentage of cocoa and lack products like milk solids and glucose.

    Let’s have a detailed look on how dark chocolates can help us in shedding those extra pounds:

    1. Dark chocolates can prevent food cravings

    Sugary substances are eliminated from most of the dietary regimes; however, it is necessary to indulge a bit in your cravings to curb them for long periods. Eating a piece or two of dark chocolate won’t act as an obstacle to your weight loss process.

    Eat the chocolate, lose the weight? Very possible!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    Dark chocolate reduces your cravings as it controls the excessive production of ghrelin, a hormone which accelerates hunger pangs.

    2. Dark chocolate helps in reducing blood sugar levels

    Dark chocolate comprises of plant-based nutrients which are called Flavanols. Flavanols play an active role in eliminating the body’s blood sugar levels, leading to significant cutting down of fat. However, too much of anything is bad so make it a point to consume dark chocolate in controlled amounts.

    3. Dark chocolate reduces the appetite

    The adequate amount of fibrous content in dark chocolate helps to keep you feeling satisfied thereby reducing the feelings of hunger. One bar of 70% dark chocolate which weighs 3.5 ounces comprises 16% of your regular food intake. Although eatables like oatmeal and broccoli are considered as the best sources of fiber, dark chocolate is the best sweetmeat option when it comes to staying fit and shapely.

    Eat the chocolate, lose the weight? Very possible!, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    4. Keeps your stress levels in check

    Increased stress can also cause significant weight gain. Excessive stress can accelerate your cortisol levels which results in an increased appetite as you start consuming an excessive amount of food to control your fluctuating emotions. Dark chocolate releases serotonin and endorphins inside your brain which helps in relaxing and calming you.

    5. Dark chocolate diminishes inflammation

    When your body is inflamed, disturbances at the cellular level occur. Chronic inflammation does not only lead to hazardous health problems like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease but it also impairs the functioning of metabolic regulation. As dark chocolate contains flavanols, nibbling it in small amounts can help in controlling inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory properties of flavanols.

    6. Dark chocolates can encourage you to exercise

    Consumption of dark chocolates will make your body feel energized which will motivate you to be active. You will feel less tired and experience a reduced amount of pain post workouts. The ‘feel good’ hormones secreted by the consumption of dark chocolate will push you to accomplish your weight loss goals.

    main Image: Health Canal

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