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    Haibo: Employee fired for ‘being boring’ wins court battle vs. bosses

    In a twist of events for one employer and employee, a court in France has ruled that a worker was unlawfully dismissed as he was deemed ‘boring’.

    Entertainment SA has learned about one French worker who dragged his employer to court after he was reportedly fired for being rigid and didn’t participate in work events and functions.

    The disgruntled worker then decided to go the legal route and filed for unlawful dismissal – he eventually won the case against his bosses.

    The Telegraph reports that the man identified as ‘Mr. T’ sued his company as he worked as a senior clerk for Cubik Partners based in the French capital, Paris.

    Per the unusual report, The individual, ‘Mr. T’ accused his employer of forcing him to take part in seminars at which there would be endless amounts of alcohol, with staffers encouraged to feast on the intoxicating drink.

    According to the Telegraph, the French court stated that forcibly participating in seminars and end-of-week drinks is not “everyone’s cup of tea” and that it resulted in excessive alcohol consumption.

    The company’s “fun” culture was described by the court as “humiliating and intrusive behaviour”, reports the publication.

    With IOL also reporting on this bizarre story, it said that this was encouraged by associates who made large quantities of alcohol available to employees.

    As a result, the court further ruled that not everyone wanted to “engage in practices linking promiscuity, bullying, and incitement to get involved in various forms of excess and misconduct”.

    In another story involving an employer and employee, Kevin Berling, also sued his ex-employer after he was released, he did so because his workplace surprised him with a birthday celebration against his wishes.

    Berling managed to force the company to pay a staggering $450 000 (about R7.7 million) in court and his legal team argued that the company and colleagues gave him a hard time for his response to the birthday celebration, accusing him of stealing his co-workers’ joy.

    Main Image: Office Worker/BBC

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