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    EXCL: SA’s top rapper Rouge ‘excited’ to be part of ICC TWO World Cup

    Born Deko Barbra-Jessica Wedi in Tshwane but widely known as Rouge in the South African Hip-Hop scene, she is excited to be part of the ICC T20 Women’s Cricket World Cup.

    The global women’s cricket tournament will be staged for the first in South Africa and the 30-year-old rapper, Rouge made history when she created the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup official anthem.

    A sports fan of note, the super-talented musician also speaks about how the 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem which featured Shakira inspired her.

    Entertainment SA exclusively spoke to one of Mzansi’s distinguished rappers who is highly famed for her hit singles such as Mbongo-Zaka and Dololo.

    EXCL: SA’s top rapper Rouge ‘excited’ to be part of ICC TWO World Cup, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    Back in August, the International Cricket Council announced that the eagerly anticipated tournament will be played across three venues in South Africa, the Newlands Cricket Ground, St George’s Park Cricket Ground, and Boland Park.

    The eighth edition of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup will begin on 10 February 2023 with hosts taking on Sri Lanka – the final will be staged on the 26th.

    ESA: How did this collaboration come about, was there a selection of artists or judges which helped to make this project a success?

    ROUGE: Honestly speaking it’s by God’s grace that I got the call. I have built an incredible relationship with this team and I’m so blessed at the fact that they have seen my talent and have watched me grow to become the artist that I am today. With that being said, I guess that’s how they chose me to be able to perform this song hahaha.

    ESA: Surely you are part of history considering this is the first world cup tournament to be staged in South Africa and Africa – what does this opportunity mean for your future in sports and entertainment and your thriving music career?

    ROUGE: At this point, I am still shocked as to how my career has led me to be part of such an event of this magnitude. I would have never guessed going into music as a rapper that this would be part of my journey. This only makes me more excited about what else my God has in store for me.

    ESA: This opportunity will obviously open doors for future collaborations with international artists, have you considered leaving the country and establishing yourself overseas?

    ROUGE: Leaving the country, possibly. Leaving Africa, NEVER! If anyone knows Rouge I am a loud and proud African nothing is ever going to change that.

    ESA: What are your thoughts on the future of Hip Hop in SA…would you say AmaPiano is killing the other genres?

    ROUGE: If we’re being honest the future of hip-hop is one that is still progressing and ever-changing. I wouldn’t say that amapiano is killing the other Genres but rather it’s a signature sound that South Africa has finally developed to call its own. And if you listen to the current renditions of African hip-hop there is a fusion of Amapiano, which makes the future of hip-hop in Africa an evolution into a whole new type of sound of which I am definitely 100% in support of.

    ESA: We would assume you also like cricket, if not which sporting code do you really follow, and favourite teams, etc?

    ROUGE: If I am being honest, I’m more of a football lover. I used to support Arsenal but then they kept disappointing me, so then I moved to Barcelona (that relationship is still pending).

    ESA: I am sure you will recall Shakira’s song, Waka Waka (It’s Time For Africa) was composed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It is regarded as the catchiest song for the World Cup….were you somehow inspired by that song?

    ROUGE: Yes of course definitely, I mean who wouldn’t want to be inspired by yet another African anthem for another World Cup on African soil? I won’t lie Waka Waka set very big shoes to fill.

    EXCL: SA’s top rapper Rouge ‘excited’ to be part of ICC TWO World Cup, EntertainmentSA News South Africa

    ESA: Finally, it’s festive and what can you say to your fans and music lovers in SA…particularly regarding the ‘Turn It Up; song, and maybe urge them to support the Women’s Cricket team?

    ROUGE: From my experience of training my skill and talent in creating music these ladies too use their bodies and train them for their talents in the sport. They have put in a lot of time effort and dedication to be at their best in performing for this World Cup and I think the best we can do is to show them support and that their efforts and training are recognised.

    Main Image: Rouge/Supplied

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