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    King of R&B Afrotraction reveals why he doesn’t need popularity

    South African musician Afrotraction is planning to return the favours to his loyal fans as he turns 40 this year.

    The Nelspruit-based musician born Mzwandile Moya was performing in front of his local fans at the launch of the 23rd Metro FM Awards announcement held at the Capital Hotel in Mbombela.

    Known for hits such as Ngeke Kulunge, the talented R&B star has credited his supporters for his longevity in the music space.

    “I have the most loyal, soulful, and talented fans out there. This year, I plan to collaborate with my musical fans to empower them,” he is quoted by Drum.

    “I am a producer by profession, so I will get fans that can sing, play instruments, and create a project with them. I can’t help everyone, but I can do my part.”

    As he gained wisdom over the years, Afrotraction said he has learned to work hard and never stop learning because he feared there is someone better than him.

    “Life has taught me that there is always going to be someone better than you, prettier than your partner, and just always someone born better than you in many things,” he added.

    “So, I’ve accepted that, and I try to learn from every person I interact with. Right now, I’m learning new grooves and new waves from younger musicians and that challenge alone is keeping me excited and on my toes.”

    Reflecting on his journey of over 15 years in the music industry, the 39-year-old singer remains humble and counts his blessings.

    He also differentiates between making music for performing on gigs and having to see his music play for a long time on the radio.

    “I am so grateful to have made it this far and to have remained relevant,” he concluded.

    ”I am fully to blame for this because I decided from the beginning not to make music to get gigs but for radio.

    “I make music for longevity and not for popularity. My music stays longer on the radio and that is my strength. But the people who know me, know my abilities and I guess I don’t need popularity.

    “I am happy with that. I was never about fame in the first place but about creating good quality music that will last.”

    Main Image: AfroTraction/UbeToo

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